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About the Artist


Candace Webb, owner of Kiln 9 Ceramics, is making a handmade ceramic vase using a pottery wheel in her Kelowna studio.


Hello, I'm Candace Webb, the artist behind Kiln 9 Ceramics.

I have always believed you must do things with passion and authenticity or nothing at all. I have been making pottery for over 20 years.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Capilano University's Studio Art program and study ceramics from Sam Kwan. After graduation, Sam introduced me to Vincent Massey and it wasn't too long before I was working for Vincent as an apprentice in his Whistler studio... A few years later the wind carried me east towards the Rockies where I toggled my time between the nomadic pro-mountain bike guiding/coaching life and winter art/business school studies... After gathering more experience and a recalibration of my internal compass, I made my way back to BC and focused everything I had on building my own little private pottery studio. 

Today I am really interested in blending traditional and contemporary ceramics techniques to create statement functional every-day ceramics while playing with culinary arts, exploring textures, colour and glaze chemistry. 

My ceramics are primarily hand-thrown on a potters wheel, altered, or slab built, and oxidization fired using my own hand-mixed glazes. Sometimes I team up with other potters to explore more atmospheric firing such as Salt and Wood firing and these events are really awesome. The next salt firing is this fall at Vincent Massey's Studio in Whistler, BC... 

I like to think my ceramics are an every day thing, part of your day, part of your life, used often, even stuffed into the dishwasher... these pots were meant to be enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too.  

My pottery studio is nestled high above the Okanagan Valley 20 mins from Kelowna. You can find me at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market and a number of other seasonal events listed on my Market page soon. 





Candace Webb mixing her own glazes in her pottery studio

Candace Webb, owner of Kiln 9 Ceramics is throwing a porcelain bowl on a pottery wheel.

Candace Webb from Kiln 9 Ceramics discussing ceramics to Penticton Now during Artisan Showcase Penticton

Ceramic Artist, Candace Webb, preparing to make her ceramics on the pottery wheel

Kiln 9 Ceramics studio. Photo by Chris Ziprick.

Candace and Jupiter from Kiln 9 Ceramics

Jennifer Schell collaboration with Candace Webb of Kiln 9 Ceramics