Candace Webb : Kiln 9 Ceramics


Candace Webb, owner of Kiln 9 Ceramics, is making a handmade ceramic vase using a pottery wheel in her Kelowna studio.


Hello, I'm Candace Webb, the artist behind Kiln 9 Ceramics.

I have always believed you must do things with passion and authenticity or nothing at all.

I have been making pottery for over 20 years.

I am very fortunate to have found a perfect home to start Kiln 9 Ceramics in the heart of the Okanagan. The Okanagan's farm to table community has given me all the ingredients to play with my passions in pairing ceramics with culinary arts and every day life. 

What interests me is blending traditional and contemporary ceramics techniques to create statement functional every-day ceramics. I find inspiration collaborating with creative chefs, exploring textures and glaze colours and pushing boundaries in function and design.  

My ceramics are hand-thrown, altered, slab built, and oxidization fired using my own hand-mixed glazes. Sometimes I team up with other potters to explore more atmospheric firing such as Salt and Wood firing.

I like to think my ceramics are used to celebrate your every day ritual parts of life, are used often, even stuffed into the dishwasher... these pots were meant to be enjoyed, shared, passed on and so forth. I hope you enjoy them too. 

I offer workshops and love to share my skills and traditions to keep this ancient craft alive!

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Candace Webb mixing her own glazes in her pottery studio

Candace Webb, owner of Kiln 9 Ceramics is throwing a porcelain bowl on a pottery wheel.

Candace Webb from Kiln 9 Ceramics discussing ceramics to Penticton Now during Artisan Showcase Penticton


Ceramic Artist, Candace Webb, preparing to make her ceramics on the pottery wheel

Kiln 9 Ceramics studio. Photo by Chris Ziprick.

Candace and Jupiter from Kiln 9 Ceramics

Jennifer Schell collaboration with Candace Webb of Kiln 9 Ceramics