Meet your maker.


I have always believed you must do things with passion and authenticity or nothing at all. As a third-generation artist, I have learned that it is important to keep a thirsty outlook on life, follow your heart, stay flexible and work really hard to achieve the most satisfying results. 



I have been making pottery for over 20 years; I am interested in blending traditional and contemporary ceramics techniques, to create statement functional every-day ceramics. My ceramics are primarily hand-thrown, altered, or slab built, and oxidization fired using my own developed and tested hand-mixed glazes. I like to think my ceramics are an every day thing, are used often, even stuffed into the dishwasher... these pots were meant to be enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too.  



My pottery studio is nestled high above the Okanagan Valley 20 mins from Kelowna. You can find me at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market and a number of other seasonal events listed on my Markets page.