Memorial Ceramic Pendant

Memorial Ceramic Pendant

Kiln 9 Ceramics
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Handmade porcelain pendant containing cremain ashes with 18K gold accent. 

In this simple yet stunning design we incorporate the ashes of your loved one to create this beautiful pendant keepsake encased within. All pendants are made with the highest quality of materials and made with care and love. 

Cremation keepsakes do not come with bracelet chains or necklaces but are ready to be added to your favourite chain or necklace. 

To place an order please email Candace at: 

You will then receive a confirmation email that your order has been received. 

* I will then send you a package via mail that contains: 

- A detailed order form which is used to accompany the ashes while being shipped back to me. Please look over this order form carefully to make sure all information is correct, such as products ordered and shipping information. Again, this form gets sent back to me with the ashes. 

- A pre-labelled bag to place ashes in. Written on this bag will be the amount of ashes needed to complete your specific order. 

- A self addressed envelope to mail the packages to us. 

* We need approximately 1 Tablespoon of ashes to work with. This is enough to make multiple keepsakes ... the exact amount required will be written on the bag you put your ashes in. 

* You will then send me the order form and ashes via mail for your ceramic keepsakes to be created. 

* As soon as I receive the ash collection envelope from you I will email you to confirm that your package arrived safely and start creating your piece. 

Delivery time will be 4 - 6 weeks from the date I receive both the ashes and payment