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Chawan (Teabowl)

The Chawan (Teabowl) history originated in China. The earliest chawan in Japan were imported from China between the 13th and the 16th centuries.

In Japan, where it was an inherent part of chanoyu, or tea ceremony, it has evolved and adapted to become something very different in the West and has become an iconic form in contemporary ceramics.

Revered for its associations of its past and its connotations of sophistication and simplicity, the teabowl enjoys an elevated status. The profound technical mastery as well as the vitality and depth of character is what attracts collectors and the beautiful thing about ceramics is the variety of materials from East to West prove an endless study and appreciation of the simple teabowl.

Today tea bowls are a representation of timelessness and tradition demonstrating a virtuosity that mixes deep knowledge with many contemporary trends in earth and skills of the craft of pottery.

I’m fascinated in the many ways clay forms to create these everyday pots. Interested mostly in the comfort and use of each tea bowl crafted in my studio, I am fortunate to have studied with a few master potters with Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English pottery influences who shared their knowledge of perfecting a comfortable and satisfying Chawan.

Simple design aspects of weight, the roll of the lip on the rim of the tea bowl, texture, the comfortable fit in the users hand and of course the clay body, glaze and decoration are what create a well balanced and enjoyable tea bowl.

In my personal collection of various tea bowls, I reserve some for only tea, and others I use over a good brew of coffee, sometimes even a latte!

All of my teabowls are unique and there are no wrong ways to enjoy my ceramics, but I also make a point to ensure all my drinkware fit an aero press coffee maker. I know some of you reading this will be just as happy to use one of these beautiful vessels for your coffee rituals too.

For me, it’s all about pleasure. Enjoy!

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