Oh Hi!


Hello! My name is Candace and I am the hands behind Kiln 9 Ceramics. I am a professional ceramic artist and production potter living in the sunny Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada. I make handmade everyday ceramics from my private studio. 

Being a potter is very much a lifestyle and how I choose to live reflects deeply into the pots I make. It’s about food, connection, good health and how we live each day.
I make everyday ceramics. 

There is so much that goes into each vessel. When people ask me how long it takes me to make one of my ceramic pieces I tell them 19 years... because everything I’ve learned and lived attributes to what goes into that pot. From my Art School University background to my Apprenticeship years...and working for other professional ceramic artists and learning experiences along the way. There is SO much to learn and appreciate in this craft that one will always be continuing to learn. And that’s what keeps my job interesting.
So everyday I grow as an artist and hopefully I can share my journey with you through this blog... I’m new at blogging but hope you find some inspiration to keep you visiting :) 

Thanks for joining me today.