Functional ceramics designed to celebrate the way people eat, live and connect.

Creatively Handcrafted in Kelowna, BC

Meet Candace...

I have always believed you must do things with passion and authenticity or not at all.

As a third-generation artist I have learned that it is important to keep a passionate and thirsty outlook on life, follow your heart, stay flexible and work really hard to get the most satisfying results.

I have been making pottery for over 15 years; My formal ceramics education combined with a pottery apprenticeship background and continual obsession and stoke for ceramics has led me to becoming a full-time artist.

I have a strong interest in blending traditional and contemporary ceramics techniques to create statement utilitarian ceramic vessels. My ceramics are primarily hand-thrown, altered, or slab built and fired using my own hand-mixed glazes on a mid-range porcelain.

With continual research, development and collaboration with chefs, designers and artists, I am endlessly inspired to make one-of-a-kind handmade functional everyday ceramics that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect.

Sushi Serving Tray

Mug with Custom Mountain Scene

Crawford Amber Farmhouse Plate

Custom Order Urn

Oceaola Platter

Sake Vessel

Specializing in...

  • Mugs and Cups
  • Serving Dishes
  • Sushi & Sake
  • Restaurant Collections
  • Funereal Urns
  • Flower Vases
  • Custom Designs
Handcrafted in Kelowna BC, Canada
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